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Taking Flight a.k.a. The Data Dragon’s Life After Microsoft


Taking flight like Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon

Taking flight like Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon

Life is a journey – we can choose to fly through it with our wings spread to catch and channel the winds, or we can let the winds pummel us to the ground. I choose to take flight, enjoy the journey, and land on my feet. Then take off again. Even when the flight happens because of an unexpected push from the nice, comfy nest, it’s possible to spread our wings and take off in the direction we choose. Especially when you’ve decided you’re a Data Dragon. Yes, that’s me. Cindy the Data Dragon.

Wha...? Huh?

Wha…? Huh?

What am I talking about? One of those life changing events that sneaks up on you sometimes.

Last Thursday I got a very unexpected call and I got to experience hearing the words “you’ve been laid off” for the first time ever. It was effective the same day, at least as far as job elimination. I am a Microsoft employee until September 15, my options are wide open after that.

I could choose to sit around and feel sorry for myself, ask countless “why me” and “why now” questions. What I did instead is remember that I am likely in a far better position than many of the other 13,000 people laid off the same day. And remember that now I don’t have to wonder and worry about the remaining Microsoft layoffs that are expected. And remember that this opens up many wonderful opportunities. And remember all the friends, co-workers, and customers who instantly offered support (thanks Sean, Terry, and Linda for the coffee followed by the much stronger drink and the rest of you for all the calls, emails, and IMs). And thank those same folks for the job leads, introductions, and recommendations on LinkedIn that immediately started pouring in – keep them coming! The Data Dragon chooses to concentrate on the good things, dive into making sense of things, and move on to new and better things. (Yes, Murshed, I again referred to myself in the 3rd person).

So now what?

I am going camping this week, I plan to make time for getting out of town again for a few days or weeks before the end of September (SLC ComicCon anyone?), and I am going to get my beautiful back yard back under control and add more colorful things growing in it. I am going to take my time finding the right Big Data job, not just any job.

Connect with me on Skype (, follow me on Twitter (SQLCindy | Cindygross), and send pics of you toasting the Data Dragon and her beautiful future!

Don’t stand in my way, the Data Dragon is taking flight and looking forward to all the wonderful things in my future!

Green-eyed Data Dragons like me never stay down long!

Green-eyed Data Dragons like me never stay down long!


16 thoughts on “Taking Flight a.k.a. The Data Dragon’s Life After Microsoft

  1. Kick ass, Cindy! You’ll do great. And here’s to bigger and better things. xo

  2. I respect you so much. You have so much knowledge and experience and the bravery needed to take on new challenges. That’s just awesome.

  3. awesome Cindy…..

  4. You are so awesome. I am seriously excited to see what you do next, because no matter what it is, I know you’re gonna kick ass.

  5. I’m shocked you were affected by the layoffs. The way you are handling this is something we can all admire. Wherever you land, I know you’ll be great.

  6. I deeply admire your response, Cindy, and I cannot wait to see where you land next, and what you will do. Carry on, data dragon. Carry on.

  7. Time off is a really good idea, enjoy the break and the process of figuring out what to do next!

  8. You already took the challenge for BIGGER AND BETTER .. You will do Excellent Cindy!! Best wishes

  9. Cindy, I am sorry to hear that you were included in the cut, but I’m glad you’re positive about it and I know that any organization would be lucky to hire you.

  10. You’re awesome! There are more exciting and impactful opportunities out there and you are perfect for them 🙂

  11. Dragon lady…love your spunk!

  12. Good Luck Cindy. You might as well come back to SLC in October for SQLSat too.

  13. Sorry about this – a loss for both you and MSFT. I predict you will have little time to tame that back yard.

  14. Sorry to hear that news. A loss for MSFT. I predict you will have little time to tame that backyard.

  15. You’re going to be just fine. Not sure wth MSFT was thinking.

  16. Sorry to hear that, but I’m sure you’ll land on your feet. Love “big data dragon.”

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