Befriending Dragons

Turn Scary Into Attainable

Let’s Befriend Dragons Together

Cindy Gross

I walk with you on a journey that nurtures equitable cultures where women thrive and belong. We befriend our dragons together.

– Drive better business outcomes: Identify ways to make your culture & products more inclusive for employees and customers.
– Reduce the bottom line cost of social & identity bias in your AI / ML algorithms, product design, and media.
– Rearchitect your Inclusion, Equity, & Diversity efforts for more effective employee retention.
– Coach bullying or harassment targets & their managers with trauma informed methods to keep them on-track with their career & working for you.

I’ve met many scary dragons in my life – breast cancer, divorce, a layoff, changing roles and technologies, workplace harassment as a Microsoft woman in tech, constant striving to meet some impossible to meet bar for success, and the idea that we always have to put work first. Most recently I left the corporate world to strike out on my own, into a rich community filled with people like me who create justice, meaning, allies, and dreams. Each time I step back and look at the situation from different angles to get through it. I befriend each dragon, learn how to make it a part of my past and take only the parts I want forward to the next stage of my life. That’s what befriending dragons is all about – take those scary things and blend the best parts into our lives. Then we can respond in the way we each need, the way that takes us down the path we want.

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Cindy Gross
Pronouns: She/Her
Pronunciation: Grōs (like ‘gross income’)



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