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Big Data Dragon

Cindy Gross

208-794-2458 | | @SQLCindy | Boise, ID

Small Bites of Big Data |


Microsoft recently announced 18,000 layoffs, including my position on AzureCAT. This is a great opportunity to refocus and redirect my intelligence, skills, and energy to make businesses more successful with Big Data and the cloud.

I am a Big Data and cloud expert changing the way businesses do business. I can match technology to use cases, architect technical solutions, and create industry patterns and practices. I have a global community reputation for my data and cloud skills, my speaking ability, and my eagerness to help. I can go deep technically with implementers and discuss the business + technology landscape with executives.

My next position will allow me to:

  • Lead Big Data strategy
  • Influence Big Data product design
  • Architect end to end Big Data solutions
  • Grow others’ knowledge of Big Data and how to fit scenarios to technology
  • Build patterns and practices that encourage adoption of Big Data technologies
  • Work from home in Boise, ID

My next company will be in one of these markets:

  • Big Data market driver
  • Hadoop distributor
  • Big Data Architect/Implementation driver
  • Provider of Hadoop ecosystem and related products
  • Social Good or Non-Profit

My ideal company culture is:

  • Diverse
  • Collaborative
  • Goal driven
  • Flexible
  • Focused

To learn more see:


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